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The First 220 kV Weather Resistant Steel Tower Line Starts To Send Electricity

The first 220 kV weather-resistant steel tower line in Anhui started to send electricity. On July 11, Anhui Fuyang 500 kV 阜 three (formerly deer) changed to the second line of the 220 kV supporting project, and the 220 kV 阜 white line was successfully delivered. This is the first 220 kV transmission line in Anhui Province that uses a large number of weather-resistant steel towers to successfully deliver electricity.
The project is equipped with single and double-circuit hybrid erection. The new tower is 100 bases, of which the weather-resistant steel tower is 66 bases. The total length of the newly built 220 kV line is 27.375km. The route passes through Zhangzhai Town, Jiaopo Town and Huanggang Town of Tongnan County. , Liugou Town, Tianji Town, Lucheng Town, Weinan Economic Development Zone. Involved in the 220 kV Lu Bai line, 220 kV Xing Bai line in the 220 kV ginkgo side frame into the line spacing adjustment, the old tower 8 base was removed.
The line project was officially started on September 3, 2018. It was completed and delivered to the company for 312 days. After the line project is put into operation, the structure of the Xiangyang power grid will be further optimized, the transmission capacity of the power grid and the reliability of the power supply will be improved, and the demand for the peak load of the Xiyang power grid will be met.