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High-quality weathering steel housing

This series of A588 weathering steel buildings sits on 7 acres of wooded land above Cedar Creek Lake, carefully woven under the forest line, making full use of the magnificent views of the surrounding lake. The joint efforts between the design team and the client turned a long-held family property into a traditional weekend destination. The harmonious relationship between the building structure and the site led to a complete project as if it had been in place for many years. . The master plan addresses projects from the street to the lake to help house houses, gazebos, tennis courts and large garage barns in the high ceilings of existing torch pine and fresh oak trees.
The weathering steel main residence was carefully slipped into the tall woods of mature pine and oak trees to help establish this motivation to reduce tree loss and maximize the appreciation of the surrounding lake landscape. The pine trees on the property are not only magnificent, but also planted by customers as little boys. Throughout the project, a simple and constrained material was used for the wood board, stone, concrete and A588 weathering steel to reflect the original environment.
The order of entry from the rural road starts with weathered steel doors and screens. A waterjet cutting bar code on the gate indicates the property, and is accompanied by the actual family nickname of the location. The gate slides open, revealing a 350-foot-long boulder wall emerging from the ground, forming an axial spine that terminates in the overhanging dwelling.
Drive along the stone lane and enter the parking lot paved with water-soaked gravel. The stone wall seems to rise slowly as the vehicle descends. Along the route, well-designed openings in the walls allow adult trees to pass through vertical planes, revealing the weathering steel dwellings and landscape behind. Opposite the wall, the allée elm reinforces the linear sequence of the entrance, while making the opening less obtrusive.