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Hidden S355J0W Weatherproof Steel Studio, Australia / Harley Graham Architects

The Byron Bay Hidden S355J0W weathering steel studio by Harley Graham Architects is a tribute to Australian architectural heritage. Hidden S355J0W Weatherproof Steel Studio Apartment is a private sanctuary overlooking the inland and Pacific Ocean in a 20-acre rainforest in Coopers Shoot, Byron Bay.
 The S355J0W weathering steel project was completed in 2017. The design responds to two existing buildings on the site-a writer's cottage and family home designed by the famous "Sydney School" architect Vale Ian McKay. McKay worked at Northern Rivers for the rest of his life and died in 2015.
Owners Colleen Ryan and Stephen Wyatt are two retired journalists who both call themselves "design enthusiasts." Together with Harley Graham and his team, they created a S355J0W weathering steel space, which not only responded to McKay's design, but also showed sensitivity to the natural environment. In the words of Stephen: "We understand that design requires professional architectural knowledge, and we hope that the S355J0W weathering steel project is a weathering steel and glass box with a bedroom located on a rainforest canopy. Harley, Max and their team designed A more styled work. "
 The S355J0W weathering steel building is a shelter sheltered in trees. The S355J0WP weathering steel apartment is almost hidden at the entrance, but when you step inside, the floor-to-ceiling windows make this 60 square meter one-bedroom space very open. The well-arranged huge glass façade allows the room to be protected from the morning sun, while capturing the pleasant northern winter sun over time. The "twisting" of the entrance makes the roof look like a huge protective panel floating on the pavilion, further opening up the space.

Sustainability is an important aspect to consider for the S355J0W weathering steel project. The space is not air-conditioned and relies on natural ventilation. Northbound makes good use of passive solar energy, which is the result of careful design by Harley and his team. S355J0WP weathering steel apartment uses circulating water inside the apartment. S355J0W weathering steel building appearance maintenance is low, can be washed with water when needed. Colleen and Stephen are very excited about the project results. By nesting the S355J0W weathering steel building into the existing forest, the cabin space is both private and has unparalleled views, allowing family, friends and guests who come to Byron Bay to enjoy it.