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England-Gilde Weathering Steel Observatory

Vicente Gualiate spent a long time studying Vinaròs, a Mediterranean coastal town between Barcelona and Valencia. The work “Mini Coast” is an angular hexagonal artificial beach SPA-H weathering steel landscape building. The wooden platform was built on the bay rocks. No one was uncomfortable when he proposed to build a pedestrian corridor. Since then, this easy-to-remove wooden ladder has been used as a passage into gravel beaches and rocky cliffs. The platform consists of two different structures, one is a flat plate and the other is a derivative of a flat plate - a semi-bent or fully folded wooden board. The innovation of this wooden structure is eye-catching, and the material itself is also very spontaneous. Every day, they are likely to appear or disappear, and the tides are rising and falling, gradually disappearing, like a girl who is shy and shy.
In Tyrol, it is necessary to learn how to feel magnificent. The 19-ton SPA-H weathering steel was used to build this unusual observatory, which is located in the Alps at an altitude of 3,200 meters and takes an hour to drive from Innsbruck. When skiers and hikers approached the grid steel, they were able to see the weathered steel strips on both sides of the hill with curved and rusted edges. Astell Architects designed this platform in the fresh air of the mountains, and its grandeur and distinctive personality make it stand out. In order to better express the sense of space, the designer draws several times until the final plan is passed. The landscape building is located at the top of the mountain, even more than 9 meters above the summit's thin air, people can engage in real observation activities. The dynamic changes in this landscape and the static freeze are staged.