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Design of weatherproof steel observation deck in Dalsnibba, Norway

The Dalsnibba weathering steel observation deck is located in the Geiranger-Hull Valley Fjord Nature Reserve. The design scope of this weathering steel project includes an observation deck and the roads, stairs and parking spaces connected to it. The architect's attention to the presentation of the magnificent landscape, the reuse of past construction elements, and the balance between the norms and requirements of the design of the nature reserve throughout the design process.
For a long time, the Dalsnibba weathering steel observation deck has been a very popular tourist destination, and with the increasing number of visitors, the increase in parking lots and the construction of watchtower upgrade plans that are more closely connected to the landscape also seem imminent.
The new weathering steel observatory is located in front of the platform above the mountaintop, connecting the winding mountain trail. The rust-colored weathering steel mesh platform hangs in the air and extends forward. The transparent glass railings are like nothing, allowing you to see the magnificent fjord scenery and rolling mountains and rivers. The slightly raised rock is completely preserved and becomes a part of the gazebo.
The stretch of small road is transformed from the original ancient stairs, and it rises step by step along the mountain to reach the open platform at the top of the mountain. The winding winding path is extremely sculptural, and the rusty weathering steel railings stand out against the gray-white rocks, which has further stimulated people's interest in climbing and exploring. The path and stairs were built by artisans from Nepal.