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Czech ENGEL Yamashita SPA-H Weathering Steel Leisure Villa

The selection of the façade takes into consideration the harmony with the surrounding environment and the durability of the material itself. The design concept attempts to absorb the simple and practical characteristics of the local architecture, so the weathering steel is selected.
The end façade of the SPA-H weathering steel villa is made up of recycled charred Yunshan wood planks, and the east and west facades are etched rhinestone zinc sheets with vertical edges. The lower cross-rise is weather-resistant steel or Corten steel cladding, which reflects the service space atmosphere of the workshop and distinguishes it from the main living space.
The main part of the weather-resistant steel villa is northeast-southwest facing, with a simple entrance courtyard and convenient garage entrance. This L-shaped area forms a semi-enclosed space that allows people to enjoy the open countryside on the first floor of the villa. The landscape of the project is generally composed of original trees and new native plants, mostly fleshy shrubs and flowers that do not require excessive maintenance. The swimming pool faces southwest and shares a heat pump system with the villa. The terrace is paved with heavy ant wood and has a good durability and will become more and more fascinating as time goes by. And the combination of weathering steel and plants feels great.