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Corten Steel with country house from zherui steel

Corten-A corten steel has always been a representative material for industrial design, the color and strong weather resistance of weathering steel are the reasons why designers choose it.
Most country houses were built in phases, as one can see in the variety of styles, continuously added.
Thus, rural architecture is based on implicit and traditional design processes, which although do not exclude formalization, do limit it to a strong relation with the existing elements. The neutral character of the country houses typology, allowed the introduction of new constructive and decorative elements, as well as the necessary amplifications.
The corten steel is a meterial which oxidates in a short term period, in order to create its own protection, neutralizing its deterioration.
It doesn´t requiere maintenance. Engender the image of a living organizm, which changes its tonality (orange ocher, brown) in time and furthermore by the different angle of the sunbeams and changing daylight. The composition of the three buildings is located in the end of a valley and laid aside a slope in the terrain at north. Consisting of the main house, a hut and a smaller annex, it totally domains the valley that precedes it.