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A588 Weathering Steel Guard Room Designed By AR+D Studio

Los Angeles AR+D Studio designed an A588 weathering steel guard room for a residential area in Palm Springs, California, in the Colorado Desert. The roof of the building is cantilevered and extends to the boulder in front of the house. The building called “Desert Palace” has become a security checkpoint for residential construction areas in the desert area of California. From here, the vast Chino Canyon also makes the building more spectacular, with rust outside the house. Blended with the arid landscape, it is a natural fit. The building's materials are adapted to the desert environment and durability, so it is mainly made of A588Gr.A weathering steel, concrete and glass. These materials also ensure the strength and durability of the house. The designer said: "The most important thing is that the façade and the structure of the material do not add any decoration, but let nature add color. When you first came to the scene, the vast scenery and natural landscape in front of you were convincing, obviously This house reflects the architectural style of this house, which is in harmony with the rugged terrain of the area."