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Datong Art Museum

The Datong Art Museum covers an area of 77 acres, with a building area of 3,2238.5 square meters and a ground building height of 36 meters. It is designed by the world-famous Foster Architects and the Chinese Architectural Design Institute. The concept is novel and functional. The main body of the museum is a full underground structure, and the upper part adopts a steel structure space truss system. The main body of the building is made up of four triangular cones ranging in height from 36 meters to 24 meters, forming a majestic pyramid building layout, which is the key project of our city. One of the most unique design elements is the pyramid geometry. The two pairs of pyramids are arranged in a dynamic and gradual way to create a large and magnificent exhibition hall that can be used to place super-large works of art. For the artist, this very three-dimensional sculptural space is very challenging; for the art of exhibiting, this form of architecture can provide a strong contrast to the exhibition space and also make the building itself an art Part of the exhibition.