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METAMORPHOUS Designed By Paul Sangha Landscape Architects

This project was built because of the “Overlord Tide” because in December 2012 the Overlord tide hit the B.C. coastline. A couple invited Paul Sangha Landscape Design to provide a solution for their Ottawa property (where the Overlord created the entire river bank). The previous beach experience has proven that building a beachfront concrete wall can lead to beach erosion. Sangha and his firm used this as an opportunity to build something unique and different from Ottawa's other waterfront properties.
The firm worked with marine engineers to develop a program that would not only enhance the beach but also solve the problem of river bank detention. Inspired by the sand-stone structure seen on the island of Saturna in British Columbia, they used weather-resistant steel to design weather-resistant steel walls. It is not only a piece of art, but also functional. The abstract structure of the weathering steel and the pebbles in front of the beach play an important role in dispersing the wave energy. It also promotes the deposition of sand, enhances the beach, and builds habitat for animals and plants.