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Vanke III V Gallery designed by Ministry of Design

MOD has designed a fixed exhibition hall and tourist information center for Vanke, China's largest developer, and the distinctive design of the Three V Gallery has become a landmark along the coastline of Dongjiang Bay.In addition to its remarkable sculptural traits, it can be seen from the analysis of architectural rationality that this is a flat triangle that extends from the edge to form such an architectural structure.The client asked for three main spaces: a tourist information center, an exhibition hall and a lounge for discussion.Tourist centers and exhibition halls need to have their own entrances, separate from the existing pedestrian passages, and operate independently.Extension of the exhibition hall - the lounge is a discussion area and there is also a plastic bar. Enjoy panoramic views of the coastline from this space.
The building is set against the shoreline, and the exterior is constructed of weather-sensitive weather-resistant steel panels. The interior walls and ceilings are made of wood strips for a more natural feel.