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Corten steel staircase stadium

In such an urban block full of disputes and conflicts, the design of weathering steel buildings has become more and more important. The architects abandoned defensive buildings and chose low-key but integrated intervention methods.
The final plan is simple and integrated with the site. A large amount of soil-covered space on the outside protects the facade and roof of the weathering steel building, leaving only a few access entrances, and at the same time, it also brings abundance to this high-rise urban area. The greenery.
This unexpected design scheme not only changed people's lives, but also changed the aesthetics of the entire neighborhood. This series of continuous open spaces is like a pause in a compact urban pattern, creating a precious place for school teachers, students and urban residents to sweat and enjoy time, a lush, unique outdoor space full of vitality.
From light orange to dark brown, the volume of corrosion-resistant steel plates with different warm colors echoes the color of the earth, interspersed among the grass dotted with blooming wild flowers.
The towering weathering steel fence encloses the site, but the curved and undulating form leaves scattered gaps. While creating a closed space, it maintains the visibility of the line of sight, so that the looming open space that is half-hidden behind still maintains a subtle connection with the city.
From a practical point of view, the choice of weathering steel construction materials is also very sustainable. Corrosion-resistant steel plates that can withstand the test of time and wind and rain are extremely easy to maintain, and can self-repair in oxidation even after being polished.