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Corten Steel Rust Out of Landscape

  Weathering steel, also known as Corton steel, commonly used in corten steel landscape. It's special is that when exposed to nature, over time, the surface will form a protective layer against corrosion, without painting protection, and the life of the material is more than 80 years.

Coreten steel changes over time. Its color, lightness, and saturation are higher than those of ordinary building materials, so it is easier to stand out in the background of garden plants.

Weathering steel is relatively easy to shape into a variety of shapes, and can maintain excellent integrity.

Use very thin steel plates to clearly and accurately divide the space, so that the side of the site is simple and bright.

With the change of time, the unique color and texture of the weathering steel that is full of beauty can reflect the unique artistic charm, which can trace the sense of history of the site, the moment of recording time, and extend the vitality of the site.