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Corten Steel For Invermay Residence

The corten A steel dwelling cantilevered on a hill in the small town of Ballarat, with an open natural landscape. The building is made up of wood, CortenB steel and stencil-textured concrete, which is a uniform architectural appearance. Facade opening adds to the overall rhythm.
The huge geometric appearance combined with the heavy feel of Corten steel makes the weathering steel building and the environment unique. The building's performance is a simple linear appearance, and its long, north-facing facade makes the living space bathed by natural light. Other living service areas, such as laundry and transportation corridors, are located on the south side of the building, and the façade opening on it increases indoor ventilation and promotes air circulation.
The home is located in a high-risk area of forest fires. The Blackbutt window frame and the Spotted Gum building perimeter for fire protection are therefore the number one choice. “We chose these materials because of their natural fire resistance and corrosion resistance. As these natural materials age, they will also map the surrounding woodland. Corten steel will be more and more preserved after years of retention. Feeling," Moloney explained.