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Corten Steel For Hotel Buildings

The Shuishe Boutique Hotel was converted from an old barracks of the year. There are 19 rooms and one is an independent activity area converted from a warehouse. There are often many fashion brands holding a press conference here. The water house is located in the South Bund. It takes five minutes to walk to the Bund, which is known as the Museum of Architecture of the World. It is also very convenient to People’s Square and Nanjing East Road.
At the waterhouse terrace bar at the top of the hotel, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Huangpu River. The Bund Ocean is on your left and the high-rise buildings in Lujiazui are on your right. It is a great location for the tourists. A large area of Corten steel is used in the water house to form a relatively dense rust layer on the surface after several years of outdoor exposure, so that it does not need to be painted and protected.
The Corten steel is used in the appearance of the Australian pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The water house also uses large-angle windows and floor-to-ceiling windows on a large scale to increase natural lighting. Even in the rainy season, there is no dark feeling of depression inside. In order to protect the history and culture, the water house has made little changes to the original building. The 19 rooms are designed according to the space and size of each room, and are reasonably used. The overall style is consistent and each has its own characteristics.
The designer came from the Ron Design Lab and has won numerous domestic and international awards. Under their careful design, the water house deliberately retains the original appearance of the building, and adds a original style window to its inner patio, which not only retains the feeling of Shanghai old alley, but also adds a lot of interpersonal interaction and communication. You drink coffee in the courtyard on the first floor, I look at you on the balcony of the high floor.