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Corten Steel Flower Pot From Zherui Steel

What sets corten apart from ordinary steel - its biggest benefit in the garden - is that it gets harder and harder over time.
Corten is the trade name for the material manufactured by US Steel. However, like Kleenex, it is now common to refer to an entire product category by referring to a copyrighted name. For Coren, it's any type of steel that rusts when exposed to the weather
The metal is frost resistant and cracks resistant, creating an attractive verdigris surface but never rusts. We've collected 10 stylish hard landscaping and garden elements - from a flowerpot with wheels to a metal frame used to raise a garden bed.
The flowerpot of weathering steel landscape requires to be as simple and light as possible, but the traditional concrete structure obviously cannot meet the requirements of the structure. Weathering steel not only has strong space shaping ability, but also is easy to shape the shape with rich changes. It can also maintain good integrity and can bear great weight, and can solve the structural problems, which is difficult to achieve with materials such as stone, wood, brick and concrete. Weather - resistant steel plate can also reduce labor costs, shorten the construction period. Many contemporary architectural parks and plazas also begin to use weather-resistant steel plates as their building curtain wall public facilities and landscape structures. The finished effect surface is rusty and artistic, which integrates into the surrounding natural environment and becomes a beautiful landscape.
The seeder is formed from metal by skilled craftsmen and USES the precise folding of the metal to create the seeder, which requires no welding during the manufacturing process and is assembled into a rectangle from five panels. The planter panels are locked together to form an incredibly strong plant container that can hold large plants. Above all, planters are simple, modern and minimalist. The Corten Steel planter will not be pre-weathered and transported, but will carry exposed Steel, which must be gradually weathered over time to produce the golden brown rust color and texture. The seeder should be placed on the grass during weathering to avoid contaminating nearby materials.