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Corten Steel Construction

Corten steel plate Corten-A is a special alloy characterised by a high content of copper, chrome and nickel, due to which the layer of corrosion formed over the metals when exposed to atmospheric agents (rain, relative humidity) is particularly dense, highly adhesive, stable and self-regenerating.
The most representative decision of this strategy might be the choice of a reduced palette of materials but with a highly symbolic content; a prefabricated exposed-concrete plinth that adapts perfectly to the industrial character of the project, and a complex roof unified in only one material, Corten Steel.
This property translates into a multiplicity of qualities that defined it as the ideal material for our project. Its characteristic colour and textures relate amazingly with the natural Mendoza context.
Besides, its appearance is the result of a natural process of continuous change, which makes it a living material that also relates directly with the properties of wine, which is also a product in constant evolution. Thirdly, because it does not require a special protection against corrosion as most other metals do, the need for maintenance is drastically reduced, and the highly contaminating processes of galvanization and application of protective paints are eliminated..
It is thanks to this combination of conceptual and material characteristics that the project achieves a recognisable and unique identity, which defines it as a new landmark in the region, and allows it to become the new image of the renowned brand Navarro Correas.