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Corten steel bathroom designed by Miro Architects

This is the Corten steel bathroom designed by Miro Architects for the Texas Birds Lake Trail. Bird Lady Lake is a linear park where hiking and cycling trails are. Beautifully landscaped and inviting, the park is located on the banks of the Colorado River in downtown Austin. It is loved by athletes and cyclists, and is a great place for locals and tourists to enjoy the natural scenery.
The project is the barrier-free bathroom in this park. At the beginning of the design, it was imaginary as a sculptural Corten steel facility, located next to the park trail. The bathroom is enclosed in Corten steel and uses a clever design to control the illumination of the light and the circulation of fresh air.
The interior of the bathroom also includes a toilet, urinal, sink and bench. There is a water dispenser and bathroom outside. Since the building material is Corten steel, the bathroom requires minimal maintenance. The internal facilities are made up of heavy-duty stainless steel pipes. The bathroom also requires no artificial lighting or mechanical ventilation. Corten steel with corrosion resistance is also resistant to time corrosion.