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Corten-A weatherproof steel building expansion at St. Stephan Parish school / Av1 Architekten

The school is located next to St. Stephan Church. Therefore, the basic tone and atmosphere are limited. The goal of the design is to create a Corten-A weathering steel building that fits into the surrounding historic buildings and is suitable for people to study and live here. Corten-A weathering steel building with sloping roof houses classrooms and multi-purpose dining room.
The light well is located between the building and the old historical wall, and undertakes the old and new, and serves as a place for communication. The height of the Corten-A weathering steel building has been carefully considered and appears modest and restrained around the historic building. The large courtyard gives the building plenty of light, and people have a wide view and a happy mood.
The location next to the cloister of St. Stephens Church defines the location and atmosphere. The overall goal of the design was to create a home that fits the scale of an existing historic building. Corten-B weathering steel house serves as a living and learning space. The sloping roof, referenced to the former church clerk's house, occupies the space of the parishes of St. Stephen and St. Ignaz, while the Corten-B weathering steel building contains the school's classrooms and multifunctional dining room.
Both elements are easy to read and give the identity of the student and the community and their home. A distant light gap between the Corten-B weathering steel building and the monastery's historic exterior wall connects the new Corten-B weathering steel building. The gap, which serves as an entrance hall and a traffic corridor, serves as an externally-oriented communication place, making this area unique in all levels of indoor experience.
The height of the building project is based on the number of corridor walls, so the new Corten-B weathering steel building from the interior of the corridor is not visually obvious. The courtyard is both a light source and various recordable spaces, allowing members to visually expand the building and rooms.