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A588Gr.B, Corten A weathering steel water feature setting, Massachusetts / STIMSON

The Heritage Museum and Garden, in collaboration with landscape architects, built an A588Gr.B, Corten A weathering steel water feature that responded to the mission of American history and American culture while welcoming visitors. The museum and garden have the most important cuckoo flower collections in the country, and the owners hope to keep them and show them to the public. The existing visitor centre and its adjacent terrace overlooking the forest valley create a great experience of enjoying the top and bottom views.
The A588Gr.B, Corten A weathering steel water feature unit is designed with reference to the historic wooden sinks that were used as a source of power for the mill during the colonial period of Cape Cod. From the entrance, the weathering steel installation is like a mirror with no end, extending from the platform into the lush crown. The landscape architect draws a map of the existing trees and intentionally inserts the A588Gr.B, Corten A weathering steel installation into the existing landscape in a horizontal straight line, creating a striking contrast between the natural environment of the woodland and the artificial intervention. .
As the visitors enter the Wyatt Garden along the promenade, the steel support structure will emerge from the landscape. The structure is accurately placed at an oblique angle between the existing trees and the underlying vegetation, echoing the shape of the surrounding plants. The color of the weathering steel skin and the natural color of the woodland form a harmonious look.
The 208-foot waterway is a two-part system: a 2-inch deep stainless steel inner trough and a weathering steel channel wrapped inside. The internal sink remains flat and overflowing, and water flows down the narrow exit along its long side to form a two-foot wide water mirror. The reason for choosing Corten A weathering steel is that it is highly strength and cost effective and easy to maintain and manufacture.
The calm waters reflect the canopy and sky above, providing a valuable source of water for birds and other wildlife. The external waterway concentrates the overflow of the inner trough and then diverts it to the eastern end of the structure, eventually pouring over the garden of the garden.
Well-designed and constructed waterways connect the architectural forms, cultural history and natural environment of the site to one. The Heritage Flume A588Gr.B, Corten A weathering steel water feature unit demonstrates local history, ecology and horticultural development and has become the most iconic presence of heritage museums and gardens and even Cape Cod.