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Corten-A Weathering Steel Visitor Interaction Center, Jiangsu

In the summer of 2010, a design team was invited to design a set of small Corten-A weathering steel public buildings on an organic farm, including picking kiosks, interactive centers, restaurants, and entrance information gazebos, in order to provide future people who are here to activities Rest and activity space. In the summer of 2014, the Visitor Interaction Center became the second house in this group of Corten-A weathering steel series buildings following the picking kiosk.
The project site is located in Bacheng County on the western outskirts of Kunshan, next to Yangcheng Lake. The current situation is an empty organic farmland. Sky, clouds, wind, water, land, trees, these simple natural elements constitute distinct site features. It is Corten-A's weathering steel building that should be involved in this natural environment, in harmony with it, and finally create a series of unique and meaningful space places dedicated to this land.
The visitor interaction center is located in the southeast corner of the farm, and consists of a multi-purpose activity space, a pet foster station, and a reserved private house for back office. Looking from the farm direction, the Corten-A weathering steel building is composed of two and a half roads The transparent "screen" interface is composed of bright horizontally extended features and quiet temperament in its form, in response to the open and flat landscape of this lakeside farm and its natural atmosphere.
The first interface is composed of perforated Corten-B weathering rust steel plate, in order to make it look more transparent, we have adopted a bending method to increase the strength of the material itself, thereby eliminating the need for a rear supporting keel system. At the rear is a corridor connecting the outdoor platforms at both ends and the outer wall of the multifunctional event space. The second interface is composed of vertical wooden partitions, and the rain-proof corridor behind it connects three buildings with different functions in series.
Both Corten-B weathering steel interfaces allow the penetration of wind, light, and people's sight. While providing a westward sunshade for the rear space in terms of physical functions, they also provide a space for people moving in Corten-A weathering steel buildings When looking at the farm, a transformed blurred landscape is created. From the direction of the farm, the two interfaces also act like "screens" to implicitly display the lives and living spaces of people in Corten-A weathering steel buildings in the public view In different seasons, weather, and different times of the day, the sensitive capture of changing light by translucent materials also makes the overall temperament of Corten-A weathering steel buildings continue to evolve subtly.