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Corten-A weathering steel treasure house, Switzerland

The Jewel Box Corten-B corten steel detached house is located in a narrow and uneven area of Switzerland, with views of the south and west, surrounded by lush trees and greenery. It blends perfectly and harmoniously into the environment and surrounding landscape, blurring the boundaries between Corten-B corten steel architecture and landscape, interior space and exterior landscape.
Corten-A weathering steel construction-new and unique. In order to maximize the plot ratio, the designer came up with a solution: a rectangular split-level building body, plus a four-slope roof made of a shell-like structure.
The shell-like structure on the east side of the Corten-A weathering steel building can absorb the heat generated by the morning sun, and the light-transmitting west-side glass curtain wall can let the afternoon sun shine on the entire Corten-A weathering steel building at the same time The meticulously constructed cooling wall on one side can change with the change of the angle of the sun, and block the building from heat. As the entrance to the Corten-B corten steel house on the north side, the designer installed a glass mirror curtain wall above the side wall to ensure sufficient sunlight into the house.
On the south side of the Corten-B corten steel house, taking into account a wide view of the lake and distant peaks in the area. The designer took full advantage of this and designed a series of smaller windows from the north entrance. It can make people entering the Corten-B corten steel residential area visually and gradually, until the most southern outdoor terrace of the Corten-B corten steel residential building entered-a whole beautiful landscape scene makes the sight suddenly clear.
The body of the Corten-A weathering steel building is like a "floating" weathering steel box (Corten Box). The outer shell-like structure makes the building itself appear and hide. The outwardly sloping east wall makes the exterior structure of the Corten-A weathering steel building look more like an opened carton, so that the weathering steel box suspended inside is displayed in front of nature like a rare treasure, so we use "Treasure Box" to name it.