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Corten-A weathering steel facility for small cultural bases, Spain / Toni Gironè

In January 2007, during the construction of a water distribution pipeline in the Segarra-Garrigues system, Seró (Artesa de Segre, Lleida), an ancient building site with a history of 4,800 years, was unexpectedly discovered. The most significant feature of its Corten-A weathering steel building is the use of huge sandstone bricks, which also have exquisite geometric decorative textures, and the historic Corten-A weathering steel, bringing the entire Corten-A weathering steel building It feels different.
These stones are actually fragments of ancient statues on the former monument. The new Corten-A weathering steel building is located in two abandoned orchards near the village's event square. It is a small cultural infrastructure with multiple uses and multiple spaces. The Corten-A weathering steel building is constructed from local materials. Its architectural structure cleverly solves the one-story drop between the square and the orchard.
The slightly sloped surface with corrugated reinforced handrails becomes a transition zone for two levels of space and contains different public spaces: clay and humus platforms between the square and the horizontal line; the raised steel "cliffs" above the brickwork ( This area is partly used as an exhibition of cultural relics); the western corner space is covered with climbing plants in summer, and in winter, it starts to collect warm sunlight; benches are made of recycled orchard wall stone; Corten-A weathering steel building The porous material of the roof has good thermal performance.
Corten-A weather-resistant steel building frankly embraces the changes of the four seasons in the landscape, the shadows of the two reused warehouses keep flowing with time, and beets are newly issued in the old orchards of the past. The corten-A weathering steel building's internal wine shop sells local wine products and doubles as a village bar. The multi-functional area combines multiple functions such as daily use and social center, which leads to the archeological discovery of the megalithic tombs.
We move from the transition zone of Corten-A weathering steel building to the millennium boulders. This is a quadrangular spiral path, during which we can barely notice its slope. Surrounded by hole-shaped ceramic decorations, lights, air, rural atmosphere, and mist flow through the holes to the inside. Keep walking, and you will find that the light gradually starts to darken, and the paving surface gradually disappears. At this time, we come to a small house, and the light of the roof is focused on the etched surface of each stone. In quiet thinking, in the clay ground printed with each visitor's footprint, a time flies quietly. Walk quietly in the opposite direction without worrying about colliding with others. Gradually, the light becomes bright and the sound becomes clear. At the end, a field of corn greeted us and brought us back to the ordinary agricultural landscape.