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Corten-A weathering steel extension private garage and elevator design, India / Shroffleon

This 4-storey 60-year-old house is located in Bandera, Mumbai, with a total area of 1,500 square meters. The owners are keen to collect cars, so they hope that the architects can design a new S355JOW weathering steel garage to shelter the wind from these expensive collections. In addition, the architect also needs to add an elevator to the old house to facilitate the owner's access.
The architects were very thoughtful and meticulous, and every detail including the bottom of the S355JOW weathering steel garage roof was treated harshly. The ultimate pursuit of subtleties was also recognized by the owners.
Based on the existing geometric relationship in the site, the architect derives and derives a series of geometric shapes that fit the current space. The wide and narrow grooves are criss-crossed to further enhance the order of the geometric volume. The Corten-B weathering steel groove at the main volume intersection is even strengthened with the lighting equipment. In India's long rainy season, these grooves will play another role in bringing flooding rainwater to the cistern on the ceiling and into the adjacent flower base.
The bottom of the S355JOW weathering steel garage roof is also carefully designed according to the current space pattern of the site. The ceiling adjacent to the entrance space of the building is slightly sunk, and the scale similar to the interior space implies its identity as an indoor and outdoor transition space. The bottom of the ceiling pool is made of weathering steel, which is in sharp contrast with the wooden ceiling, and its particularity is clear.
And the material and texture of the new building - white plaster wall, basalt rock wall, wood and glass are also unified with the current building. These materials have been weathered, old and new, and the weathering steel's "rusty" surface adds a touch of poetic poetry. The project is also named "Orange Extension."