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Corten-A Flatness Art Center in Ukraine

Corten-A corten steel has always been a representative material for industrial design, the color and strong weather resistance of weathering steel are the reasons why designers choose it. Use weathering steel to express the modern industrial atmosphere of the space, extend the thickness of the rich industrial culture, and awaken and stimulate the modern industrial beauty of the building.
Ukraine has a conceptual public arts center, Flatness, designed to provide a space for all types of modern art to be displayed.
The architectural practice SPRW Architects collaborated with A. Zvolianskiy, and Flatness served as a venue for art exhibitions, fashion shows, and art performances. Outdoor open spaces make it easy to perceive and experience the feeling of freedom. This area is designed for entertainment and is also an active area for leisure, skateboarding and roller skating.
Visitors to Flatness are bound to be drawn to the most dramatic feature of the building, a wonderfully deep rusty red, reminiscent of warmth, sunset, brick and sand.
Color is the epitome of the city and represents the natural and man-made landscapes we find there. Flatness is dominated by its color, which is not only rich but bulky: it covers the entire built environment, from walls, floors, stairs to walkways.