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Careful friends can often see a special material in the landscape

Careful friends can often see a special material in the landscape. The surface is a layer of rusty red steel material. It feels very rough and unsmooth with hands, and the texture is very special. But it combines perfectly with plants in the contrast of roughness and delicacy, cold and warm, soft and hard, and condenses into a rich design context. This material is weathering steel. Some people can  not be so familiar with, may have seen weathering steel making weathering steel sculpture, weathering steel wall, but few people know his scientific name. Weathering steel has many advantages. Many works of foreign artists are made of weathering steel. The artistic sense of weathering steel makes people scream Some avant-garde foreign artists use steel for sculpture. As steel corrosion is a natural state of the material itself, it is very in line with the principle of authenticity of artistic expression. Over time, steel has become one of the materials of modern landscape art design. Compared with ordinary steel, weathering steel will gradually corrode and age until it is damaged after rusting. The appearance of weathering steel gives designers the opportunity to make full use of the corrosion form of steel to express in the plastic art creation. Its unique nature is loved by designers. 
Corten steel plate will change with time. Its color is greatly affected by the environment and climate. It is easy to change from bright red brown to dark blue gray after long-term storage. With the aging of time, the unique color and texture of aesthetic weathering steel can reflect unique artistic charm. It can trace the historical sense of the site, record the instantaneous sense of time, and extend the vitality of the site, so that the limited materials can "coexist" with each other, reflecting the sustainable design concept.
Of course, the biggest characteristics and advantages of weathering steel are corrosion resistance, life extension, thinning and consumption reduction, and energy saving (weathering resistance is 2-8 times of ordinary carbon steel), which is also the practical reason why many designers and architects love this material. From the perspective of designers, this material can solve many problems from the perspective of design aesthetics.
It not only has the characteristics of easy extension, high strength and fatigue resistance of ordinary steel, but also can reach 2-8 times of that of ordinary carbon steel in terms of corrosion resistance. Exposed to the natural environment, through the action of air, rain, etc., the steel surface will automatically form a protective layer against corrosion, without painting protection, and the life of the material is more than 80 years.
Generally, the surface of weathering steel is sealed with a layer of transparent, colorless and matte light to ensure that the sealing layer does not change the color and texture of the rusted steel plate, and the sealing paint can be compatible with the weathering sealant.