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Canadian SA588 Gr.A weathering steel peninsula apartment wins 2011 ASLA professional award

The weathering steel peninsula SA588 Gr.A is located on the outskirts of the city and is designed to create a standard and referenced front yard. Rebuilding previously neglected slopes with sustainable materials to create a SA588 weathering steel building area that connects public and private spaces. This project showcases the unique sensory charm that it unleashes when it connects neighbourhoods and homes.
When neighbouring neighbors deal with the entrance to the slope, they either set up open, high-maintenance lawns or built high opaque walls to frame the yard. The landscape architect sought a new balance, established a progressive sequence of weathering steel spaces, redefining the space and guiding sights. The initial entrance of the SA588 Gr.A weathering steel building was a steep straight ladder leading directly to the front door. No side slope space available. Plants that are planted at the same time consume water and are not ornamental.
The owner has lived here for 20 years, and this time the decoration of SA588 Gr.B weathering steel garden is very important. It needs to preserve the current oak forest and highlight the local characteristics. The new design fully protected these oak trees, and the careful construction carefully avoided the roots of the oak trees. Remove the extra small trees and leave the trunk as tall as a sculpture. The SA588 Gr.C weathering steel wall is arranged according to the location of the oak tree, defining an asymmetric sequence space to protect the oak tree and the slope. The laminar SA588 Gr.C weathering steel with a small foundation minimizes the impact on the site vegetation.
When people reach the top of the slope, the quiet courtyard here is connected to indoor life. The concise SA588 Gr.C weathering steel walls and black reflective pool shape weaken the street's presence and allow people to focus on the canopy. The wall height of SA588 Gr.B here has been carefully designed so that it can block the sight of the outside world and keep the sight of the residents unaffected. The mirror pool reflects sky light and tree shadows, forming a pleasant micro-environment.
The main element of the courtyard is the former oak grove, which is designed to be pure and simple, and other plants are planted in additional places: local rushes replace the previous ornamental plants at the ground floor entrance. Subtle color gradations such as white, warm gray, rust, black, and gray-green have enhanced the depth of the venue. Pervious planting paving replaced the asphalt walkways and parking areas. The backyard pavement is also made of breathable material. Then the outside of the oak forest was protected with SA588 Gr.B weathering steel.
The seat in the yard outside the living room is surrounded by a weatherproof steel wall made of SA588 Gr.B to ensure privacy. The patchwork of the SA588 Gr.B weathering steel wall is carefully selected to avoid interference with the roots of the oak tree. Rich visual experience at the entrance. Weathering steel forms a sculptural scene. The tree shadow hits the wall to form a dynamic "oil painting" (right). The dark specular pool forms a new horizontal plane, allowing people to ignore the existence of the street and focus on the canopy.