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Calm and elegant weathering steel gallery

Weathering Steel Gangjie Gallery is the first professional contemporary art space established by Taijie Culture in Taiyuan. The project is located in Jinyang Street, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. Jinyang Street is a gathering place for Taiyuan's urban economy, culture, and education. Gradually transform into a cultural district that integrates history, art, and humanities.
Considering the maximum utilization of the space area of the weathering steel building, shutters of the same size as the smoke exhaust window of the original building and unnecessary walls in the space were removed. The exterior facade was remodeled and opened along the street facade to maximize the complete display window. The weathering steel plate was selected as the exterior wall material, combined with the old blue brick floor, to create a gallery entrance with a sense of artistic rhythm, and also very cleverly provided ample display interactive space for the exhibition area inside the gallery.
The exhibition space of this weathering steel building mainly uses two colors of black and white, forming a series relationship in color, which can better highlight the display content. In addition, apart from the two exhibition halls distinguished by wall materials and colors, the interior areas of the exhibition halls also use different ceiling structures. Specifically, in the first exhibition hall, high-grade gray materials such as primary color hot-rolled steel plates and black aluminum plates were selected in terms of materials to create a calm and elegant atmosphere. In terms of ceiling structure, the combination of black metal mesh and black aluminum plate shows a subtle sense.
The second exhibition hall uses white latex paint, fog mirror stainless steel and other materials to create pure and soft tone. The overall space adopts white oak composite wood flooring, which distinguishes the exhibition area from elegant to soft interaction by lighting atmosphere. . A combination of a light film and a light-colored texture coating is used on the ceiling structure to enhance the clean and transparent texture. The overall space style is harmonious and unified, which also allows the viewers to pay more attention to the exhibits in the exhibition hall.