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Brexit Bunker SA588 Gr.A Weathering Steel Garden Studio, UK

The sunken SA588 Gr.A weathering steel garden studio aims to add a new space to the main body of the house, while expanding the function without disturbing the existing space. The SA588 Gr.A weathering steel workshop is located behind a small garden, and the two are connected to each other through the courtyard.
The courtyard paved with clay bricks presents a modern style, while remaining consistent in texture with the recycled bricks of the SA588 Gr.A weathering steel garden fence.
This SA588 Gr.A weathering steel space was dubbed by the host as a "Brexit bunker", but unexpectedly has a sunny and warm atmosphere. The sun casts a pleasant light on the joinery furniture made of birch plywood. The staircase combining the storage space is connected to the skylight, and the occupants can sit under the skylight of the SA588 Gr.A weathering steel building to relax and listen to the birds, so as to completely escape from the noisy urban environment. South-facing windows use highly insulated glass.
The exterior elements are designed to create a primitive aesthetic-integrating the entire SA588 Gr.A weathering steel garden with rusted metal and dark clay bricks. Black low-carbon steel naturally rusts, echoing the rails directly behind the site; the brickwork texture of the original house and ferns and shrubs breathe life into the space while emphasizing outdoor aesthetics.
The pivoting luminaire adds dynamic elements to the outdoor space between the SA588 Gr.A weather-resistant steel house and the "bunker". The design of the luminaire mimics the shape of the building itself. SA588 Gr.A weathering steel echoes the rails directly behind the site, giving a comfortable feeling.