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Brasilia A588 Weathering Steel Reception Center

This bold, modern building is striking because of its originality in the weather-resistant steel reception center, which is designed according to the shape and slope of almost 11,000 square meters of land. The A588 weathering steel building was designed as a point of sale for Alfa, a community of cards that is far from downtown Brasilia.
It will be the first time to become a service facility for tourists who are interested in this project and who like to entertain, and will become a permanent facility in the future. It can also host competitions and cultural events.
The A588 weather-resistant steel building was built with the scale and inclination of the land, and was unified by the weathering steel grid that forms the cover. The 2,000-square-meter grid is very eye-catching in the building because of its size and the creation of a central square with large trees.
Covering a grid span of 30 meters, it is located on a seven-sided concrete wall that supports 50 tons of weight. In some places, the mesh's opening will be larger, leaving room for growth in the canopy.