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Botanical garden weathering steel facilities

The weathering steel project is located in the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama Nature Reserve in Spain, not far from the caves of the famous tourist resort Nerja. The purpose of the project is to create a path of excursions, and establish a node between the hillside and the path, provide a place for staying and viewing and equipped with some basic functions.
Cross the path beside the garden to reach a wide weathering steel viewing platform, walk down the ramp connecting the platform, and arrive at the reception center of the Botanical Garden, which is equipped with an information desk, souvenir shop and administrative office. On the south side of the reception center is an open-air classroom. Go down the path on the south side, not far from teaching workshops and laboratories, and surrounded by plant cultivation areas and orchards.
Through the shaping of the path and the weathering steel wall, the building merges with the mountain. The exposed concrete, the integrated roof, ground and walls create a cave feel. Different types of wood constitute the building components and furniture. The corroded steel plate makes the supporting structure of the building look lighter, and it is also used for some building components such as awnings. As time goes by, natural and artificial things will become more unified in texture.
Here architecture has exceeded its own definition. Components of different sizes and different functions bridge the height difference in terrain. The ramp for the disabled shows the layering of the terrain; the unpaved paths connect the various structures as needed; the raised bridge and the seats under the bridge create an open-air simple theater. The shape of the concrete volume becomes a unique viewing place according to the mountain. Standing here, there are only the beautiful weatherproof steel buildings in Nerja and the coastline of Maro.