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Belgian Weathering Steel Construction

Corten steel House is located on the outskirts of Antwerp, Belgium, and "corten steel" itself means "weathering steel". The design concept of the house is based on the use of weathering steel sheets. Steel sheets are used not only to design buildings, but also to plan landscapes and delimit interior spatial boundaries.
 The main performance characteristics of weathering steel are as follows: 1. Unique performance, its color brightness and saturation are higher than general building materials. In addition, the rough surface caused by steel plate rust makes the structure more volume and quality. 2. Have a clear ability to define space. Because of its great strength and toughness, not as much as the thickness limitation of the stone due to the structure, its thin characteristics can clearly separate the space, concise and bright, and have a sense of power. 3. Has strong shape shaping ability, and can maintain excellent integrity, which is unmatched by stone and wood.
The designer draws inspiration from the oxidized steel sheet material, and in the actual construction process, he also pays great attention to the visual structural sense of unity. They form the integration of the building structure visually.
In terms of space, the boundaries are clear, and they are very bright, and can be disassembled and assembled at will when appropriate.
In addition, the weathering steel sheet flickers in the setting sun, creating a light and shadow effect, to contain and protect the living environment of the residents in this house. You can feel them everywhere.