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Ayla A588 Weathering Steel Golf Club, Jordan

Inspired by Jordan's natural desert landscapes and spectacular mountain ranges, Ayla Golf Club's unique streamlined volume will be an icon of the Ayla Oasis multi-purpose resort in Aqaba. The presence.
The architectural form of the club and golf academy mimics the vibrant ups and downs of the desert landscape, blending in a unique way with the natural environment. All functional areas are covered by a huge A588 weathering steel that allows the interior and exterior walls of the building to be unified in a continuous surface.
The weathering steel screen wall filters the sunlight into the room. The design refers to the traditional Arabic style window (Mashrabiya), which can ensure the privacy of the space without being affected by the introduction of natural light. The triangular cutout on the wall is derived from the local Jordanian pattern design, with shotcrete and rough weathering steel echoing the surrounding mountains.