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Application of Weathering Steel in Container

Weathering steel plate has been well developed in the container field due to its good weather resistance,like corten steel.

Containers are often exposed in the atmosphere during transportation, which makes the material of the container need to have a certain weather resistance. With the rapid development of marine transportation, if the container uses ordinary materials, serious corrosion will occur during transportation. With the development of the container transportation industry, people have higher standards and requirements for the material of containers.

Weathering steel plate is to add a small amount of weathering elements such as copper and nickel to ordinary carbon steel during smelting, thereby increasing its weathering performance. After the weathering steel reacts with the atmosphere, a dense oxide film is formed on the surface of the steel, which is tightly attached to the surface of the building, thereby preventing further oxidation of the atmosphere and the grass-roots building.

Weathering steel plates will produce different colors of rust according to the length of time in use. This layer of rust will not be easily wiped off. Therefore, in the design field, many designs use this color to increase the sense of weight in architectural design.

The corrosion of weathering steel plates is pollution-free to the surrounding ecology. Compared with the traditional painting technology that uses paint as a corrosion layer, weathering steel plates are more environmentally friendly in construction.