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Application of wear-resistant plate in cement plant and port wharf power plant


At present, wear-resistant plate is more and more widely used in the port wharf, such as bridge grab ship unloader components - funnel will need to use wear-resistant plate. Moreover, the working mode of the bridge grab ship unloader is short and intermittent, so the funnel is also the core structural component of the most important part in the unloading system of the bridge grab ship unloader. Therefore, the wear-resistant plate applied on the hopper becomes the key point that must be carefully selected and designed in the unloading system of the bridge grab ship unloader.
With the increasing cargo flow on the wharf, the port has higher and higher requirements on the working efficiency of ship unloader. The continuous operation with high strength makes the wear speed of funnel wear-resistant plate of ship unloader faster and faster. Therefore, strengthening the wear resistance of funnel wear-resisting lining board, fully extending the life of funnel wear-resisting lining board, and installing and maintaining the scientific nature of funnel wear-resisting lining board are all important factors that customers are extremely concerned about and urgently need.
Let's have a brief understanding of the wear principle of funnel wear plate used on the wharf. There are two main types of wear on the wear plate, namely, erosion wear and impact wear. There are three stages of wear: the first stage is primary wear, also known as low wear; The second stage is the stable wear period, also known as the over-wear period; The third stage is the period of increasing wear, that is, high wear. The degree of wear during the first and third wear periods is relatively serious, and the second period tends to be static.
For example, such as a small hardness of wear-resisting steel plate in the operation, when the hardness of the material exceeds the hardness of the wear-resisting plate, with the increase in the hardness of the material, the wear-resisting plate will be severely worn; And when the hardness of the material and wear plate is roughly the same, the wear has reached the maximum degree of wear results, only when the hardness of the lining plate is greater than the hardness of the material, wear will not appear.
Because the difference of manufacturer technology, the difference of manufacturing formula and craft, the hardness of wear-resisting board of different manufacturer is different. Surfacing welding wear-resistant plate, for example, some manufacturer to produce the outermost hardness of wear resistant lining board has reached the wear-resisting, but restricted by factors such as technology, equipment, formulas, compound wear-resisting lining inside the hardness is not up to standard, when the wear-resisting layer of wear resistant lining board outer after burn, inside the lower hardness of steel plate is easily damaged by wear off, finally caused the wearing plate is worn away.
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