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Application of SA588 Gr.B weathering steel plate in landscape design

Do you know the application of SA588 Gr.B weathering steel plate in landscape design? Let's take a look together!
SA588 Gr.B weathering steel plate also often plays a role in enclosing plant space in landscape design. It is often used as planting troughs, tree pool board decoration, platform-type plant landscape partition boards, and plant background walls.
If you look at SA588 Gr.B weathering steel alone, you may find it old. But in the overall courtyard design you will find that some modern styles have the figure of weathering steel. SA588 Gr.B weathering steel is versatile and can be used for various wall decorations and even made of landscape walls. Hollow, bent, straight and other forms can be described as proficient.
According to the level of trees, shrubs and groundcovers, the SA588 Gr.B weathering steel plate is processed into various hollow or more closed structures in the form of plates to form an open, semi-open visually transparent space or a closed plant crown space. Its rough rusty red texture and plant green form a contrast relationship in texture and color. The color change of the two also changes dynamically according to the environmental climate, forming a harmonious combination relationship in the landscape space.
For example, the Seoul West Lakeside Park project in South Korea uses the side walls of SA588 Gr.B weathering steel plate as the outer boundary of the planting pool. It uses a very simple modern design geometric shape, full of volume and weight, and set off against each other against the background of greenery. , Reflecting the charm of other artistic value.
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