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Application Of Corten Steel In Battle Memorial Hall

Corten materials produce visually striking effects when exposed to elements. This quality enabled Corten steel mills to receive a large number of requests from artists, landscape designers and architects for Corten steel materials to be used in their projects. This short essay describes the use of Corten steel in the Battle memorial in Bannockburn, Scotland.
A total of three symbols will be used at the memorial site.
Two of the signs will be displayed at the entrance to the site, while a third will be used as an explanation wall, showing a timeline of events that occurred during the battle.
Two weathering steel plates are required to produce the formwork effect. First, use a laser cutter to cut holes in a 5mm thick plate for wording and final design according to specifications provided by the designer.
The two plates are then welded together using a 10 mm thick sheet of weathering steel to create the template text effect in the material.
Weather resistant materials are also used to create supporting structures, which are then welded to the signage to complete the artwork.
Weathering steel was chosen because the patina will develop as the material begins to age. The rust color suggests archeology beneath the surface, such as weapons and armor left over from the 1314 campaign. The strength of weathering steel is used to hold the earthwork in the rear, giving the impression of peeling it back to give a glimpse of everything beneath the visitor's feet.
Site level determinations of retaining elements will facilitate the interface between the visitor center and the broader landscape by extending the interpretive experience to the cafe terrace.
The manufacturing part of the split wall is soldered to the rear of each panel, explaining that the wall is bolted to a simple concrete strip foundation with a waterproof membrane at the rear. A groove was designed in the outline of the wall to accommodate the LED bars. Manufactured off-site to meet precise tolerances and angles, Corten steel mills can assemble profiles prior to delivery to the site. The machined explanatory text panels are welded to the surface of the wall, giving the opportunity to create elements that are both sturdy and compelling in the landscape.