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AD Ike SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel Building Office

AD ARCHITECTURE SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel office space is located in Shantou, a creative park transformed from an old factory building. These old houses have witnessed the rise and fall of the city, and with the rapid development and expansion of the city, they are gradually forgotten or waiting to be rebuilt.
In design, in order to pursue the sense of scale brought by the large space of weathering steel, we have abandoned too many partitions and decorations, and naturally extended the fusion of the original space and new power from the composition of the material. Corten Steel Plate, concrete floor and weathering steel plate reinforce the conscious atmosphere of the original space. Use of steel and steel that represent industrialization as the material for the overall shape of the building, omitting unnecessary processing and decoration.
Corten steel naturally corrodes over time, like trying to show the essence of strength and beauty, respecting the integrity and uniqueness of each piece of material. The structure is as simple and straightforward as possible, all telling the hidden power of this weathering steel space, strengthening and condensing its original temperament.
While basically retaining the original structure and satisfying the use of office functions, we have added bold venting to the SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel space, which is generally based on the public office area, and then divides two plays into the new vitality. A small attic that has been divided enhances the sense of form, and through the interspersing of the masses, the originally high weathering steel space becomes interesting. Each volume seems coherent, but it is not restrictive.
At the same time, each weathering steel space should have its own functional form. The overall area is open and comfortable, and the focus is on the sense of form of rebirth. We hope that this sense of form can continue into the state of the designer's work, open mind, and dare to take every step. Steel space touch.
The sun is power, the original structure of the building of SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel is preserved. We use the form of a patio and simple large floor-to-ceiling windows to express the relationship between people and nature. The rusty shape reflects the mottled shadow of the sun, which is an injection of vitality. The concise large floor-to-ceiling windows have inadvertently become a telling of the weathering steel space to be close to the outside, and it has a pleasant feeling in it.
With the refracted light and shadow, we can tilt the power of nature; designers are here to chase their dreams, awaken the insistence on design, and free the imagination. With a little peace in the tedious thoughts, the SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel space no longer exists as pure formalism. In the design of retaining the patio lighting, we aim to create a space that is close to perfection. Through the dialogue between the patio and the outside world, it enriches the feeling of the weathering steel space and also provides a more different experience.