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A588 weatherproof steel small public toilet in Loftan, Norway

Oslo Architects manthey kula architects designed and built an A588 weathering steel small public toilet along the tourist route of Loftan, Norway, "roadside reststop akkarvikodden" akkarvikodden roadside rest stop. The A588 weathering steel building features a viewing platform and a site and docking station connected to other attractions, and the architects combine design with nature. The original rest station on the base was destroyed by the storm and learned from the previous lessons.
The A588 weathering steel building is covered by a 10mm weathering steel wall that is cast into the concrete foundation and welded to the additional steel to ensure robustness and stability. Through the 12-20mm thick square glass window and the 5mm stainless steel door, visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the adjacent mountains.
The wall is covered with a glass plate, which can effectively prevent the rust of the outer wall steel from staining the tourists' clothes. The metal drains are all exposed, as this small building is only open during the summer and there is no need to protect these pipes. The longitudinal skylight not only provides plenty of natural light but also allows visitors to see the mountain landscape.