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A588 weathering steel Xuanan

In Daegu, Korea, I once designed an A588 weathering steel house called “A Xuan” and its beautiful A588 Gr.A weathering steel courtyard “Hiye Garden”. The owner enjoyed a new in this new A588 weathering steel space. The mysterious atmosphere brought by life, at the same time, the owner also set out to create a new plan for the wild botanical garden in the 1 million square meters of mountain in the military and military area. He spent a long time planting trees, pruning, and observing changes in nature. Later, he needed a place to build this small A588 weather-resistant steel house.
The site is the point of the cave in the whole mountain, it is the center of the site, and here only the mountains and the sky are in sight. Because the orientation is west, the setting sun must be at the opposite reservoir, and the A588 weather-resistant steel house placed along the terrain should sit in the same direction, and in winter, it should be the same as the sun.
The owner hopes that the botanical garden here will become a space for thinking. Therefore, among the dense sand pine trees, around the road that reaches this A588 weather-resistant steel building, choose a suitable location to build 5 small artificial A588 Gr.A weather-resistant steel courtyards. Gr.A weathering steel courtyards are small in scale, but these artificial courtyards set off the contrast between slopes and planes, which can make people think.
At the end of the garden you will see a corten steel plate structure with a long, straight slope. On the upper part of this corten steel plate structure, you will see an artificial mountain, and on the lower part, you will see the bottom of a valley. You don't know the gate you will see and enter there, then you will find yourself in a deep embrace of a magnificent natural landscape. There is no concept of A588 weathering steel building, only you and nature are in complete silence.
If you can directly face the beautiful red light at sunset, and then come out to the artificial slope, you can see the cold corten steel plate chair placed in the reeds, sitting here as if you are a part of nature . This is an extremely lonely moment, a time for thinking about philosophy, so this house is called "Xuan an", a humble and dark room.