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A588 weathering steel plate suitable for bridge construction

The project is for the construction of an A588 weathering steel flyover. The bridge is located in the northern part of the town of Sand, in the city of Suldal on the west coast of Norway. In fact, the bridge was rebuilt as early as 2008. It was jointly developed by a design team and designer Ivan Kroupa from the Czech Republic. At that time, it was designed as a malleable design, including the local town of sand. Some ideas from residents.
The bridge is connected to a large wooden landscape surrounding it, and local residents can come here to do some leisure activities. Creating such a new connection allows visitors and residents of all ages to enjoy the landscape, which is the original intention of any landscape construction.
The implication behind this design is to select a transverse baseline throughout the environment to create a wavy organic landscape on the solid base rock. On both sides of the bridge there is a lattice beam of A588 weather-resistant steel, which is vertical and diagonally slanted. The walls on both sides of the bridge are covered with a layer of stainless steel sheet of stretchable metal and weathering steel. On the south side of the river, through the overpass, you will see a small pavilion whose main material is concrete, where people can simply have a picnic or take a nap.