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A588 weathering steel pier

The race street A588 weathering steel pier designed by the New York office james corner field operations is now complete. Located on the Delaware River in Philadelphia, the project seeks to connect the city with the river, revitalize the city's waterfront, and establish an intimate and active urban public park.

Mayor Nutter and Delaware Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) have opened the new Race Street Pier at the Delaware Riverfront Center, the first public space of this type of weathering steel. DRWC has a new ambitious master plan for the Delaware Riverside Center. The dock will give people a strong experience. It re-establishes the connection between the city and the river, activates the waterside area, and the dock built for Philadelphia residents will become a new and distinctive park. The original No. 11 municipal pier was renamed Race Street pier to emphasize the relationship between the pier and the city, and to restore its historical name.

 "The new Race Street A588 weathering steel pier is surrounded by water on three sides, enabling people to experience the power of water and the greatness and grandeur of the Delaware River," said DRWC leader Tom Corcoran. The highest quality engineering solutions to express the future of the Delaware Waterfront. " Lawn and outdoor seating provide plenty of seating for viewing the scenery and other leisure activities.

The newly converted park runs parallel to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and extends 500 feet above the water. The designer split the A588 weatherproof steel pier into two halves as a whole, creating many contrasting activities. The upper floor is the "air promenade" for pedestrian walking, cycling and jogging, while the lower floor is used as a free leisure activity area.

An integrated ramp connects two movable platforms, further enhancing the sense of space and accessibility of the park, and at the same time blocking the visual interference from the urban direction. A series of man-made wooden benches line the sloping ramp to define the 12-foot-tall two-story platform boundary, while also integrating two different spaces. The tiered weathering steel platform can also be used as a flexible seat, adding to the sculptural feel of the entire space. It also provides ample space for citizens to look around, gather, and think on the pier.