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A588 weathering steel NY Anstalt prison

The Danish SHL office (SchmidtHammerLassen) won the design competition and designed the NyAnstalt prison in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. The 8,000-square-meter project is the first such project on Greenland. In addition to SHL, Rambøll, Friis & Moltke and Møller & Grønborg are also involved in the design. The theme of the project is the natural beauty and rugged style surrounding the site. The value of the design lies in openness, light, vision, safety and flexibility.
According to Morten Schmidt, the project draws on the characteristics of Danish prisons and prison services, balancing the relationship between punishment and rebirth. The whole idea is to add value to the entire project and reduce the psychological burden. Therefore, the surrounding environment has an important impact on human behavior, and the high-quality weathering steel construction environment will provide the willingness of prisoners to regenerate.
Five residential units were built in the project to accommodate 76 prisoners. At the same time, the project has set up work and leisure facilities, as well as electronic and security equipment.
The location of the A588 weathering steel building is determined by the rocky terrain, and its line and orientation are also corresponding to the site conditions. Ice, rocks, moss, blue sky, sunshine, night, daytime, birds and beasts – these natural things are connected to architecture. The large panoramic windows in the common lounge area allow every living unit to see the natural scenery. Moreover, prisoners can see the outside landscape from their respective cells.