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A588 weathering steel logo for Arninge-Ullna Riverbank Forest Park

The Arninge-Ullna Riverbank Forest Park project is located in the Täby district of Sweden and is part of the development of the new town. It combines ecological protection with urban function and integrates nature and city into a whole with a new form of community park. In order to allow people to enjoy the forest scenery while entering the riverbank forest without destroying the ecological environment, the designer has carried out a series of cautious interventions on the landscape.
People can walk through the forest through wooden walkways of varying widths and admire the beautiful views of Ullna Lake from the specially designed viewing platform. The park features a signpost made of A588 weathering steel with eco-information and Nobel Prize winner Tomas Tranströmer's poetic description of nature.
The wide trails are the basic path connecting the forests, and the narrow roads that branch out of it allow people to stroll through the green and explore nature. The designer set up a grille made of A588 weathering steel on the trail, and carefully cut some of the structure according to the vegetation, so that the plants can grow as they are, reflecting the core design concept of respecting nature.