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A588 weathering steel house that will breathe

Located in (BIM) Kerala, India, LIJO RENY Architects completed a home on a narrow base with perforated corten steel to provide natural ventilation. The house is called "the house where the wall will breathe." This new three-story house replaces the old house. The old house is poorly lit and almost isolated from the surrounding area. “In the original house, it was difficult to know whether it was day or night, whether it was raining or sunny, because the indoor environment was too dark,” the architect explained.
The A588 weathering steel house covers an area of 6 x 16 squares. Considering that the base is an extremely small location, the LIJO RENY designed this home only covers 6 x 16 square meters. The atrium in the center of the plane runs through the building and introduces natural light as a vent. The core of the landscape and the building space of the east and west wings are connected by a staircase. In order to provide good ventilation for the rest of the house, the design team used perforated weather-resistant steel walls to withstand the harsh tropical climate.
The exterior of the house features A588 weathering steel, and on the first floor, it contains one parking space, one of the main living spaces and one of the three bedrooms in the home. There is also a bedroom on the second floor, which is adjacent to a spacious family event space and a more intimate study. On the top floor of the house there is a bedroom, as well as a private bathroom and a roof terrace.