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A588 weathering steel church building

The school is located next to St. Stephan Church.  Therefore, the location and atmosphere of this weathering steel building are determined.  The goal of designing this weathering steel building is to build a building that fits the surrounding historical buildings and is suitable for people to study and live here.
The light well is located between the building and the historical old wall, and undertakes the old and new, and serves as a place for communication.  The height of the weathering steel building is carefully considered, and it appears modest and restrained around the historic building.  The large courtyard allows weathering steel buildings to have plenty of light, and people have a broad view and a happy mood.
 Next is the sloping roof house, which used to be a reference to the former Sexton house, occupying the spaces of St. Stephan and St. Ignaz parishes, while a building containing school classrooms and more weathering steel building for a functional restaurant.  Both elements are easy to read and give the identity of the student and their community.
 The distant gap between the weathering steel building and the historic facade of the corridor connects the new building.  The gap between the foyer and the circulation route is a place to communicate with the outside, and the particularity of this situation is reflected in the internal experience at all levels.
 The height of this weathering steel construction project depends on the number of A588 weathering steel corridor walls, so new buildings from the interior of the corridor are not visually visible.  The courtyard is both a light source and a variety of recordable spaces for members to easily and intuitively expand the building.  The use of weathering steel plates can make this building more relevant to the surrounding historical buildings. Oncoming is a sense of vicissitudes full of history