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A588 Weathering Steel Boundary House / Matinhos Brazil

The most striking of the A588 weather-resistant steel building is the prismatic frame made of A588Gr.A weathering steel, which supports the social space at the bottom of the house. This is a living metal, like a plant. The same morphological changes occur through oxidation.
      At the height of four meters in this A588 weathering steel house is another private space made up of steel frames. The walls here are white like colonial buildings, but the central part of the floor is opened downwards to achieve the ground and The interior spaces are in contact with the mountains and the surrounding vegetation.
      The space design of weather-resistant steel houses realizes the interlacing of space boundaries, and the wonderful interlacing between various elements, rational and wild, private space and public space, even the simplest eye contact between two people, the boundary No longer obvious. Most of the furniture in the house is made of old wood in the cement mold.