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Undercurrent Architects Design A588 Weathering Steel Archway Studio

This strange A588 weather-resistant steel building is adjacent to a rail line and a 19th-century viaduct. The A588 weather-resistant steel building was designed by London's Undercurrent Architects and is called Archway Studios as an office and residential building.
In order to coordinate with the surrounding industrial environment, the A588 weathering steel building adopts rusted weathering steel as the exterior wall material, which looks strong and durable, full of history and strength.
The top and side gables of the A588 weather-resistant steel building are high-gloss glass, and the sides seem to have been “cut” by two holes, “squeezing out” two large windows, one of which serves as the entrance to the building. All windows open to the south, and a huge arched office space in the middle of the building is full of sunlight but less subject to outside interference. The living part is located on the north side.