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A588 weathering steel Arcade unit, Belgium / Gijs van Vaerenbergh

Krubeck built a new flood levee a few years ago, which is part of the Krubeck-Bazer-Rupelmond flood protection zone. Although the dam provides flood protection and an excellent view of the landscape, it also creates an obstacle to the ancient connection between the village and the polder. The dam cut off the connection between the neighboring villages and the Putian landscape, which is currently the largest flood-hit area in the Flanders region. The purpose of Gijs Van Vaerenbergh is to illuminate this tense binary relationship with artistic intervention.
Arnout Van Vaerenbergh and Pieterjan Gijs said: “The arcade installation symbolizes the historic connection between the village of Bazel and the fields. We use visual symbols to connect one end of the dam to the other, and the installation is located on the original road, now the stairs The position of the arcade consists of five huge A588 weather-resistant steel plates arranged in a zigzag pattern above the ring embankment. The classic arches cut from the A588 steel plate together form a continuous porch. The tops of the steel plates are aligned, and the length of the legs increases as the dams fall, which implies that the device is an artifact that existed before the dam was built to express the subject of memory.
The device intersects the side and diagonal directions of the block on the newly constructed flood levee with a significant symbolic position. Pieterjan Gijs said: “The experience in different directions is different. People who are close to the dam along the dam will feel that the device is a window in the surrounding environment, and the arcade seems to fold into a zigzag shape, thus creating an exact A sense of depth. When viewed from a horizontal perspective, the A588 steel plate and the doorway are neatly arranged above the steps, creating a corridor-like experience that restores the original connection between the Bazer and the Putian landscape."
Arnout Van Vaerenbergh said: “Arcade installations represent identifiable traditional building types such as galleries, vaulted buildings or aqueducts. At the same time, the zigzag shape gives the sculpture a sense of creation. We created a three-dimensional space with a 2D plane. The device consists of 4cm Made of thick weather-resistant steel, the reddish-brown rusted surface provides protection and contrasts sharply with the green environment. The arcade installation weighs nearly 19 tons, the highest point is about 10 meters from the ground, and the total length exceeds 27 m. The structure of the unit consists of prefabricated steel members joined together. The five arched components are prefabricated in advance at the local factory and then installed and welded on site at the base.