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A588 Gr.B Weatherproof Steel Box Designed Rest Shelter

The Alchemy studio in Minnesota recently completed the A588 Gr.B weatherproof steel house design in Sonoma Valley, California, which consists of two separate prefabricated modules that are delivered to the site upon completion.
The building of these two modules is the result of cross-border cooperation and is done by architects and designers. Alchemy Architects said: “The house was designed for a San Francisco customer and is located in Oregon. 90% of the structure is prefabricated and shipped to the construction site.”
“The rest of the A588 Gr.B weatherproof steel box design, this project is a good example of the efficiency of the prefabricated structure.” Two open cubes wrapped in SPA-H weathering steel, placed on two separate concrete bases. The larger cube is designed for the owner and covers an area of 640 square feet (59.5 square meters) and includes an open kitchen and dining room.